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    Help with skin functionality

      I am new to flash but have manged to quickly create an flv player that loads an xml file within actionscript in order to find out the name of the .flv file to play. This works fine and the video plays. The problem is that the skin I have chosen to use from the list does not work when the video plays. If I click on the play/pause button I will get the following message in the output window:

      1000: Unable to make connection to server or to find FLV on server

      I am using a NetStream object to play out the file once it's name is retrieved from the xml file.

      Now if I take out the actionscript code that loads and reads the xml file and specify the path to the flv file in the component inspector for the playback component, the file plays fine still and now the skin controls work.

      The actionscript code is on frame 1. From everything I read this is where it should be.

      Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks.