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    Perspective animation inside iPhone window.


      Hello guys,


      I am quite new to AE and need some guidance.

      I do know how to do some basic keyframe animation and looking for some guidance regarding the process.

      I already did some research so please help me fill in the gaps and correct me if i am wrong.


      So basically my steps are

      1. Creating 960x640 canvas (iPhone5 screen)

      2. Animating assets inside

      3. Pre-coming — will it create a mask at this stage to hide the scroll?

      4. Re-sizing canvas to match my background picture with iphone

      5. Applying effect to transform the comp and fit it on top of my iPhone so it looks like the screen. — Whats the effect name for this?



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          bogiesan Level 4

          If the ipHone is moving you're in for a real surprise. Assuming your iPhone image is static, you're going to use corner pin. That's about all there is to it.

          See the effects reference in AE help to learn about corner pinning. it will produce a scale and perspective shift for you. you will apply the four corners of the pin effect to the four corners of your iPhone window. This can get as complicated as you want it to but that's all you need so solve this one problem.