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    InDesign CC crashes when exporting. Ideas for troubleshooting?


      Hi, I am using InDesign CC to make a book. It's roughly 90 pages right now and has lots of links and text, and multiple master pages. 


      All of a sudden a few days ago it started crashing when I tried to export. I can't export to PDF (print or interactive). After doing some googling I tried exporting to IDML, and it crashes then as well. I made a new blank file, put some text in it, and tried exporting that to PDF. It worked perfectly so I assume it is an issue with that book file specifically. I also saw that you can reset your InDesign preferences, but I wasn't able to find my preferences in the suggested file paths so I decided not to mess with it. And like I said, I think it's an issue with the file, not InDesign itself, since everything else seems to be working fine.


      Also - I don't know if this is related, but 20-30 minutes before the first export crash I noticed that some of my links (to Illustrator drawing files) had disappeared from the document. Not missing links - they were gone altogether, as if I had deleted them. I did "undo" but I hadn't inadvertently deleted them, and they were on multiple pages and from multiple different files in different locations on my computer. It was as if they were never there - so strange. I placed them all back into the document and they seem fine now, but I thought it was worth mentioning.


      Any ideas? Is there a way to migrate to a new editable file without having to rebuild every master and spread?


      Thanks in advance!