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    I can't put swf or html files with external files like spritesheets on my website.




      I developed a small test-application for my website. I did this using Flash Builder and Starling.

      My website is created with Adobe Muse, if I try to place the SWF, it gives me an error. If I embed the .html file in an html-object, I get a blank screen.

      Every other swf I created that has no external files such as spritesheets works fine, I can either place it or embed in html.


      I have to say that I did not publish the website yet, as it is useless if I can't show my projects on it, but as I said the normal swf files work and the others not.


      Does anyone have a suggestion or solution?

      There must be one because there are a lot of Starling applications (e.g. Hungry Hero) that are embedded in a website.


      Many thanks.