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    Recording the desktop

      I want to be able to record from the desktop and go "Start" "Programs", etc to show how to get into an application but for whatever reason, the recording gets completely out of sync when you're not actually within an application. Once you've got into, say, Word, it records fine. Anyone got any ideas why this is and how I can sort it???

      An example is right here

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          CatBandit Level 3
          You provided a link to a SWF. With Captivate movies you should try when possible to include the HTML file when publishing the SWF, and link to that, instead of the SWF. This has nothing to do with your problem except as it demonstrates, perhaps, the need to better understand the program. Please don't be offended.

          To the problem itself: It appears you are running quickly from click-to-click during the recording process, and Captivate's "timing" appears to be skewed due to this. You wll have to fix it by changing backgrounds and mouse movements until everything is properly synched.

          The best "fix" is to avoid the problem. Slow down the recording process, forcing yourself to be deliberate. Make sure each action (click) is recorded before moving the mouse to the next point ... you can do that by either 1) listening for the "camera sound" that indicates a background change has been captured, or by 2) watching the Captivate recording icon on the task tray for a "red flash" to indicate the background change has been captured ... either will work.

          It is a good idea to train yourself in recording movies by disabling ALL automatic recording features, and making a few movies "manually": That is, move the mouse, press "PrtScr", move mouse, press "PrtScr. It can help you get a better understanding of how the recording process works, so when you go to "automatic" captures, the "synch" thing won't appear, or will be easier to correct.

          Best of luck!