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    is this a bug? loading component swf with MovieClipLoader

      Guys, one wierdarse 'bug?' for you.

      I have a swf created in Flash 8 Pro, published to Flash 7 with AS2.0 which contains just a selection of components dragged from the standard library (date chooser, date field, combo bog, radio button ,number list etc)

      This swf is then loaded dynamically into a second fairly straight foward swf - created in Flash 8 Pro, published for Flash 8 with AS2.0 using MovieClipLoader

      The error:
      When the first component is run on it's own, in flash, in html etcetc all components work fine.
      But when loaded into the 2nd swf all components work fine APART from those containing some type of popup class (i'm guessing here as don't know the inside of the components)
      The two i've encountered which don't work are : Date field - the click of the button, and comboBox
      boxth of which ar eactive as they highlight in the standard Flash green - so are active but do nothing when clicked.

      so HELP, anyone know why, know a fix, has any idea what's going on.

      regards, Rich