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    Can someone explain why I'm no longer an Adobe customer?


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      Chat start time Mar 11, 2015 7:10:17 AM PST
      Chat end time Mar 11, 2015 7:45:25 AM PST
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      Operator Santosh Kumar


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      info: You are now chatting with Santosh Kumar.
      Santosh Kumar: Hello! Welcome to Adobe Customer Service.
      Santosh Kumar: Hi Max.
      Santosh Kumar: I understand that you have billing issues, am I right?
      Max Rottersman: Yes
      Max Rottersman: I upgrading so I can get PS and Premiere. I see that invoices for $20 have gone through, so not sure why I'm getting these popups
      Santosh Kumar: Please allow me 2 minutes to check with your account and help you with the information.
      Max Rottersman: thank
      Santosh Kumar: You are welcome.
      Santosh Kumar: Thank you for your patience.
      Santosh Kumar: I see that you have also subscribed for Photoshop Photography Program and we have not received payments for the subscription since Feb 26, 2015, so you are receiving the error message.
      Max Rottersman: My understanding was that if I upgraded from the $10 PS program to the $20 single app I got both
      Santosh Kumar: I see that you have 2 subscriptions one for Creative Cloud single-app membership for Adobe Premiere Pro and other for Photoshop Photography Program.
      Max Rottersman: When I read the literature on Single app I understood it to be PS Plus ONE app
      Max Rottersman: I chose Premiere as that one app.
      Max Rottersman: right now I want to cancel everything because this is getting very irritating.
      Santosh Kumar: I'm sorry to hear that, May I know the software's that you use?
      Max Rottersman: I had a full version of CS, I couldn't figure out a reasonable cloud price for it, so I went with PS, which I've had for a year or two. Then I wanted Premier. So I tried to figure out how to get that without paying $60. I ultimately found "Single App" where it said I could have both, so I did that. I use PS and Premiere. But if this is going to be a big deal, or too expensive, can you just stop my Single App thing and I'll go back to PS only.
      Santosh Kumar: Just to confirm do you wish to cancel all the subscriptions under your account or only the subscription for Adobe Premiere Pro?
      Max Rottersman: Cancel Premiere, I'd like a refund on it and I'll continue with PS because Adobe obviously isn't in the business of selling product
      Santosh Kumar: I'm sorry to inform that I can help you with canceling the subscription for Adobe Premiere Pro but I will not be able to help you with refund.
      Max Rottersman: Who can?
      info: Your chat transcript will be sent to maxrottersman@gmail.com at the end of your chat.
      Santosh Kumar: As you have already crossed 30 days using the subscription we have no options to help you with refund.
      Max Rottersman: I think I have explained what I wanted, why I purchased the new subscription, and you have done nothing to help me get to what I want. Adobe has wasted my time, which is valuable to me. Therefore, please cancel all my subscriptions.
      Santosh Kumar: Max, I understand your frustration, we would definitely help you with refund for Adobe Premiere Pro, if you would have contacted us within 30 days of the purchase.
      Max Rottersman: Santosh, what planet are you from? I'm no longer frustrated. Adobe obviously doesn't want me as a customer and I don't want to be a customer of any company that doesn't stand behind their product. Believe it or not, I didn't buy the PP to cancel it after 30 days. Oh well, waler under the bridge.
      Max Rottersman: water under the bridge. Don't worry about it. Just put the cancellations through.
      Santosh Kumar: Okay, please allow me 2 minutes to cancel the subscription.
      Santosh Kumar: I have successfully canceled the subscription under your account.
      Max Rottersman: Can you now give me the e-mail address where I can talk to a manager?
      Santosh Kumar: I'm sorry to inform that there is no particular email address where you can contact our manager, however you can give your feedback on the chat itself.
      Max Rottersman: And let me summarize here, should anyone at Adobe be curious. I was a happy customer of PS for over a year. I upgraded to an account that was double the price, $20/month, so I could get PP. I then started getting messages that I hadn't paid and my software was going to get cut off. So I contacted Adobe. Have wasted $200 in my time dealing with this. So now I leave, not with my purchase of PP taken care of, but having cancelled everything. Theater of the absurd.
      Max Rottersman: No e-mail, of course. Everyone at Adobe must be out drinking and no time for that
      Max Rottersman: Well, I'm finished. Thank you Santosh.
      Santosh Kumar: I'm really sorry as I was not able to help you.
      Santosh Kumar: Thank you for contacting Adobe.  We are available 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. Goodbye!