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    how to create pages of varied size automatically


      Suppose you are creating signs, street signs to be more specific. The width of each sign will be determined by the length of the text it contains. So you have a spreadsheet containing these [examples] and many more.


      Street Names
      Tumbleweed Ave
      Saloon St
      Barnyard Ln

      The goal would be to create a document (or, if it's easier, multiple) that contains spreads/pages whose widths are adjusted to fit the content. I would prefer to automate this process, like a data merge, rather than create each of the varied pages manually. I assume that creating each sign as a page will enable me to adjust bleeds and trim marks for the sign manufacturer more easily, but perhaps a sign maker might think that this is unnecessary. I've experimented a bit already by creating a large page (sized similar to a big sheet of aluminum) and using data merge to layout multiple textboxes (widths adjusting automatically) to a single page.