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    Transparent bitmaps show discoloration when printed. InDesign


      This has to be something simple, and I'm sorry if it is.  I must be using the wrong terms when searching, I'm not a print professional.  Thank you in advance for any help you may be able to provide.  I'm at a loss.


      Whenever I add a bitmap, be it a png, tiff, or gif, that has a transparent background I can not place it over any other objects.  Whenever I do, the alpha channel prints as a slightly different color.  There is no indication of it on the screen, but if I print through InDesign or even Acrobat after converting it to PDF a box appears.


      In the case this morning I need to add a round seal over a color filled rectangle.  I tried the seal as a native PSD, a png and a tiff.  There is only one layer, the round seal.  I used "place" to put the object into InDesign and everything looks fine.  Here is what it looks like after exporting to PDF.  In Photoshop there is no color differences at all on the grey background when I took a screen capture.




      When I print the image, this is what I get. On some printers the effect is not as bad, but always present.


      I've been working around this problem forever, usually I just change the design so I don't need to overlap anything, but it's really limiting.


      Any suggestions? I'm on a Windows 7 machine running InDesign and Photoshop 5.5.