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    Lightroom changes the preview of my images after import


      What Finder Shows.pngWhat LR Shows.png

      Hi, Friends

      My Discussion is that i have Sony A99 i shoot RAW with custom white balance in camera because overall ambience light is not ok as you seen in first image

      when i look this image in Finder it shows ok, but when i am trying to open it to Lightroom it shows ruined as in second image


      I have

      Lightoom 5.7.1

      Adobe camera Raw 8.0


      I think Lightroom create its own preview and remove my camera preview, i understand that.

      Yes I didn't select in developer option

      I tried build preview options

      I tried it to open in Photoshop, Same problem

      I tried many setting in Lightroom to my best but i can't adjust white balance as my camera.

      Then I tried RAW+JPEG options with other images but same problem exists. JPEG See good and RAW to its default

      I read many posts before but it didn't help


      My Discussion is that is there any way to maintain camera preview and edit with the same.



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          dj_paige Level 9

          When Lightroom first displays the image, it shows the JPG preview which includes your camera custom white balance settings. (This is probably also what you see in Finder)Then a few seconds later it renders the RAW image, with none of the JPG editing and with none of your camera settings applied. That is what you see in Lightroom.


          There is no way to turn this off.


          You then need to apply your own Lightroom edits to this RAW image to make it look pleasing.