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    Timelapse Editing

    Philipmcgouran Level 1



      Im playing around with some timelapse image sequences in AF.


      I adjusted the photos in Light room then exported them as tiffs to a folder.


      When I import them into AF I start having trouble. Af becomes painfully slow even thought the image seq is only about 10 sec.


      Im wondering where im going wrong, are tiff file the wrong choice? or is this normal for such a process.


      Im running a Imac with 32gb of ram and a cuda graphics card.





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          Szalam Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Have you used AE before?

          What are you doing when AE seems slow? Are you previewing by pressing the spacebar? That's currently not how you should preview in AE.

          What are you planning to use AE for? If you're planning to edit, I'd suggest using video editing software like Premiere. After Effects is not for video editing.

          If you're planning to do flicker removal, color correction, and color grading, then AE is a pretty good choice. If you're planning to do compositing, AE is certainly better than Premiere. If you're planning to add motion graphics, PERFECT CHOICE.

          If you're new to AE, you should start here: Getting started with After Effects