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    How to make the script select "Healing Brush Tool"?


      I normally use the below code to select the other tools, I use their StringIDs and they work just well as far



        run : function Patch() {

        function selectTool(stringID){

        var d = new ActionDescriptor();

        var r = new ActionReference();

        r.putClass( s2t(stringID) );

        d.putReference( s2t("target"), r);

        d.putBoolean( s2t("dontRecord"), true );

        d.putBoolean( s2t("forceNotify"), true );

        executeAction( s2t("select"), d, DialogModes.NO );




      // Returns the StringID of the selected Tool

        function getCurrentTool() {

        var r = new ActionReference();

        r.putProperty( s2t("property"), s2t("tool") );

        r.putEnumerated( s2t("application"), s2t("ordinal"), s2t("targetEnum") );

        var d = executeActionGet(r);

        return t2s( d.getEnumerationType( s2t("tool") ) );






      I want to be able to use the healing brush tool but nowhere could I find it's string id or tool id, I tried "healingbrushTool" like "paintbrushTool" thinking maybe they are similar, but it also didn't work, how can I achieve this?

      Thanks in advance for your help.