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    Very Basic Question i think ?

      Hi im very new to flash but am looking to learn some more about it i have tried to use the pre-built components in flash and was just wondering where or how you can retrieve the values from the checked boxes

      i know how to do for 1 checkbox by using

      if ( instancename.value = true){
      trace("Box was ticked");

      but what i am looking to do is run through a series of 5 checkboxes and retrieve all the labels at first i can probably work out the checking if they are ticked but all i get traced is undefined which i guess means no value.

      This is the code i used to try to retrieve all the labels of every checkbox on press of a button

      var i = 1;

      while (i < 5){
      trace("While Running");
      trace(CheckBox .Label);



      It would be most appreciated if anyone could point me in the right direction for very basic tutorials on flash components as i could only find the macromedia livedocs which i didnt find a lot of help as its all technical speak which i am not familiar with yet....

      Thanks Pinky