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    Stopping "End" button keyboard shortcut (maybe bug?)

    dolldivine Level 1

      I just got the very latest version of Flash CC, but this has been happening for years:


      I'm drawing stuff in a movieclip, I want to press the "Delete" keyboard key to delete something on the stage, my finger slips, and I accidentally hit the "End" button to the right of it.

      Suddenly I'm transported into another random movieclip.  Not the end of the world but sometimes I'm working inside a giant, complex, nested thing, and it takes me 30 seconds just to reload the same movieclip from the library, and find my way back to where I was.  And often if I had something selected, the selection might be gone etc.  It's just extremely disorienting and frustrating.


      So I just checked the keyboard shortcuts menu, and apparently the "End" key is meant to take you to the last frame in the movieclip?  Well, it doesn't do that.. it definitely just transports me to another movieclip.  In the Undo menu it shows up as "Undo Edit Mode".  So I guess it takes one into edit mode.  Thankfully the Undo worked and took me back.. not sure if this was always the case.


      But anyway, how can this really disorientating behaviour be turned off?  I just tried going into the keyboard shortcuts menu, and removing the "End" button from the only place it appears.. under the option to jump to the last frame.  Unfortunately that doesn't stop this behaviour. :/