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    Animating In Director!!!

      Hi, I'm really hoping someone out there maybe of some assitance!
      I'm currently working on a cd rom to help promote the company I'm working for. I know that my final project is going to be created in Director as this is the best program to bring the project together and publish to cd - but I'm not shore as to what is the best way of starting.

      The cd rom is going to have a title page with different options on that will include information about our company and what it does. This title page will also include the main part of our cd rom, which is going to be a small animation that represents our companies ethos etc etc. This animtation with also have a couple of interactive parts where the viewer will be able to click to take them onto another screen with more info! Now I am a complete novice at using director(bit of a big project to start with I know-but hey nothing like jumping in at the deep end!!) and am looking for the quickiest and easiest way of producing this work - but also understand this isn't going to be that easy!

      I originally thought that the best option would be to produce the main animation within Flash 8, but after almost finishing it I'm having major trouble exporting it and after trying many ways of sloving this probably I've now come to the conclusion I have no other option but to start again!

      So my question is; how would an expert approach this task - was I right to start with and begin by producing my main animation in flash or is it possible and probably the best solution to produce most of the project within Director using maybe some smaller flash creations - or should I just leave flash out of it all together - is Director capable of producing this entire project including the main animation with interactions?????

      Anybodies help on this would be greatly appreciated!!!!

      Your hopefully