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    Lightroom Won't Open - Activation Just Loops


      Would greatly appreciate some expert help with this.  I've tried to use Adobe Chat, but have been kept waiting for hours without any response. 


      I purchased the boxed version of Lightroom 3 from Adobe some years back, installed it on my iMac.  It was working at one time, though I did not use it much.  (I also purchased CS5.5 creative suite, parts of which I use all the time.)


      Recently I tried to open Lightroom 3 but the program wouldn't open.  It asked me for my serial number.  So, I entered it and filled out the registration (again), and tried to open the program. Clicking on the icon only brought up the window asking if I want to buy the program or else enter the serial number.  So I repeated the process.  Same result.  Click on the Lightroom icon and the same window pops up, asking for the serial number.


      I can't get past this loop.


      Can anyone tell me what steps to follow in order to get Lightroom working again?


      Thanks in advance for your help.