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    Trouble with Cineware 4D and object buffer

    mcnallyj Level 1

      I'm struggling to add a C4D file with a shadow catcher into an AE scene.  I'm sure it was working before I updated recently but maybe I'm just doing it wrong.


      I'm running AE and C4D Lite 16.028


      I've attached a screen grab from C4D where it renders out fine and one from AE where it doesn't.  I've used four layers in a multi-pass; top is ambient occlusion, then object buffer setup enabled to the compositing tag for my text, then an RGBA layer and finally a shadow layer.  I have set the work space to sRGB and selected linearize and working in 32bit.  I've tried 16bit as well and same problem.


      Somehow with this setup I'm losing the solid of my object.  Can anyone offer any suggestions?


      Screenshot 2015-03-11 15.09.41.pngScreenshot 2015-03-11 15.09.55.png

      Screenshot 2015-03-11 15.15.52.png