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    Not able to export sequence using XDCAM presets

    anoopnr134 Level 1



      We are facing some issue with exporting the sequences using custom XDCAM presets from our panel.


      From our panel we are exporting the sequences based on a custom XDCAM preset. But the sequence is not exporting.

      Sometimes the output file created is Kb. We are using the code

      seq.exportDirect( outputfilepath.MOV, custompresetPath)

      to export the current sequence.


      When we manually select the sequence and do


      And import the custom XDCAM preset and export its creating the output.


      Premiere version -2014.2 (8.2.0(65))

      Media encoder    -2014.2 (

      and running in OS X version 10.9.4


      Can you please suggest some solution for this issue as soon as possible.

      Thanks in advance