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    Lightroom Publisher


      Looking to speed up a process......any suggestions on workflow would be appreciated.

      Using LR 5.7, When I process photos in LR for publishing to Smugmug (or FB), my process seems excessively tedious.

      Files imported into LR folder & processed, folder created in Publish Services..title is copied & pasted from storage location. Make this folder target. Go back to original folder in LR . Add photo to target directory. Go to Publish Services section find target folder & publish.

      Thats all fine & good for a few.....but I have hundreds of dancers I need in separate online folders.


      Any ideas...is there a shortcut or something?

      Is there a way to drag & drop CATALOG FOLDERS to the PUBLISH SERVICES area?  I have many galleries in folders & would like to keep them up to date.


      Thanks in advance.