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    How can I open my file after 'cannot find -filename-' error message?


      OK, the bottom line is, InDesign crashes and I cannot recover my file. I get a 'Cannot find file' error message when I try to open the file.

      I am using CS6 on a MacBookAir, OS X Yosemite.


      I have tried finding the 'InDesignFileRecovery' folder, I cannot find it anywhere, it's not in my Library or Caches folder.


      However, I do work in dropbox, so I just headed over to dropbox to recover from their 'previous versions'. It starts to get weird. There are lots of previous versions (I save very regularly) but when I download a previous version (that I know was fine) it downloads with a indd.txt extension. So I remove the txt extension and keep the indd and everything looks fine, but then that recovered file gives the same message. I tried renaming the recovered file and opening that, same 'cannot find file' error message.


      I can open InDesign and open the file from the day before, but none of the dropbox earlier versions of that day's work. I am SO sick of this happening. It happened to me last week to, so far I have lost 20 hours work :-(


      I have tried quitting InDesign and restarting the Mac, doesn't help. The only thing I can think of is to 'save as' every couple of hours, at least then hopefully I only lose 2 hours work.