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    lost the 'file, edit' etc'task bar on the left side of my mail menu.  my upper left screen reads 'welcome to lightroom moblie.  I never had nor can use these.  how do i back to basic LR and upper left task bar?


      I have lost my 'file,edit, ...' task bar from the upper left side of my LR screen.  My upper left corner now reads something about welcome to Lightroom mobile. ( I have never had or used the mobile version and I can't use it anyway. )  When I push my mouse pointer up again the top of the screen the 'file, edit,...' does not reappear and stay as it has been doing for the last 3 years.  How can I get it back?  And, maybe what did I do so I can avoid this from happening again?  Thank you.  (I am not PC knowledgeable, please bear with me.)