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    Is this kind of masking possible?

    MikeTheVike1 Level 1
      I want to have a static background image and I want a mask to reveal the background. But I want it to reveal it by scaling the shape up, which means I want the mask to be vector. Is it possible to use a vector sdhape as a mask? Everything I've read only mentions bitmaps. Thanks!
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          Chunick Level 3
          you can get the image of a vectorshape member in Director, so I would have to say that, "yes, it's possible."

          However, you still won't be able to get away from doing the reveal using a bitmap and imaging lingo. As well, you would have to have a rectangle the size of the stage with the circle in the middle... depending on which bitmap member this is being applied to as an alpha mask, you'd make one white and the other black. The two shapes in the vectorshape are considered curves and are split up in the vertexList of that shape by a [#newCurve] entry.... you could scale the whole vectorshape, but then you will probably run into the 2880 px (don't quote me on that being the exact number) width/height limitation for a vectorshape.... you you want to maintain the outer rectangle shape's dimensions and only adjust the inner circle... this all is quite do-able but takes a good grasp of vectorShapes, imaging lingo and manipulating the vertexList.

          If you're still interested in tackling this then you can check out some of these links:
          http://www.mediamacros.com/item/item-1006687655/ -- scaling a vertexList
          http://director-online.com/buildArticle.php?id=1029 -- excellent article on creating transitions using flash and bitmaps... just like vectorshapes, you can get the image of a flash member... this might be more helpful than rolling your own behavior.
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            MikeTheVike1 Level 1
            Thanks for the help, but that sounds like too much hassle for me right now, I'm still a director newb, I have my touchscreen application 99% done, and am now trying to make a screensaver for it. I might have to giveFlash a whirl to make something cool. Thanks though!