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    AE painfully slow and prone to crashes

    AndrewAnimation Level 1

      despite a powerful new computer after effects is painfully slow and prone to crashes, often even with 'sorry' messages about it having to crash now. any tips to make it faster and/or more stable? i already use Quarter resolution instead of Full since i prefer speed even if with blurry images. i'm also great at project organization and am not doing anything cumbersome, yet the program acts like a little baby, often while rendering for the ram player preview, and slows down like crazy and often crashes. it also seems to ignore task manager end tasks when frozen, forcing me to wait longer, and then takes a long time to allow me to reopen it, oftentimes just to re-crash after clicking the ram player icon again. i use an i5 quad core 8gb windows 8.1 desktop and after effects cs6