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    Aperture  migration file size limit?

    mcnallyj Level 1

      I have been able to load a library of 19gb into Lightroom. However I have several libraries of over 100gb and I can't load them. After Lightroom analyzes the film to be imported it doesn't come up with the photo count. Without the count it gives an error when trying to import. Is there a maximum file size that can be successfully migrated?

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          photo-enthusiast Level 2

          Talking about "library" size, or the total size of your library and images?  Several users have libraries (including images)around 1TB and seem to do fine, in many cases.  I'd guess the number of images would be the first problem, not total library/image size.


          Make a backup of your library, then run a permissions and library repair.  Make sure permissions are set correctly on you library.  If you're unsure about how to do this, put your library on an external volume, "get info", and "ignore ownership on this volume".  This was the cause of failure for two other forum users.

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            mcnallyj Level 1

            Thank you!  I will give that a try.  Mine include the library and images.