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    Key.Listener for PGUP and PGDN

    louis antoine
      Hi everyone,

      I have a remote controle for Presentation witch emulates the PageUp and PageDown button.
      I am trying to make it work with one of my Flash 8 Project.

      I found this code on the help files of ActionScript 2.0 but it seems that it does not work on any computer that i tried it on.
      It seams that the PageUp button work perfectly to browse in the help files and with the others computer's programs but it does not work on a .SWF file.

      I already veryfied the keyboard setup to his good language witch is French Canadian ;). By the way i work on PC.

      Last time i used that Key proprety it was 4 years ago when I learned Flash 5 and ActionScript 1.0.
      My Question : Why this very simple code doesn't work ? Does ActionScript have changed something with the Key Class ? Does something is missing to my very simple code of "trace my something".

      Thnx a LOT !!
      Louis-Antoine Larose.