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    Password Protected File Problem


      Hi I am using Acrobat 10.1.13 using windows 8.1 and when I try to protect a pdf I created from being edited (no password required to open the file) and when compatibility is set to Acrobat X and Later, I keep running into issues.  If I try to email it or even host it in the cloud and try to open with an iPhone or other pdf reader, it keeps prompting for a password and says the document needs a password to open.  However, no password is required to open it and i've triple checked the security properties of the document and none exist.  if I change the compatibility to 7.0 and later on the same pdf, it opens just fine and doesn't ask for a password to open.


      I also tried this using Acrobat XI with the same results.  I've tried opening the files on different pdf viewers, even the native one to windows 8.1 and no viewers are able to view the files without providing a password to view the file.  I tried to open the file using the same password I used to restrict editing and that password won't even open the documents. 


      Please advise as to what can be done to fix this issue or bug...