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    convert - modify pls

    aishasuzan101 Level 1



      this is what I entered in the custom calculation script to the Form that I am making:


      // DestroyDate1 =DATE(YEAR(ProjClosureDate1)+RetentionPeriod1,MONTH(ProjClosureDate1),DAY(ProjClosureDate 1))

      function GetField(cName) {
      // get field object with error checking;
      var oField = this.getField(cName);
      if(cName == null) app.alert("Error accessing field " + cName + "\nPlease check the existence of the field and its name.", 1, 0);
      return oField;
      } // end GetField function;

      function Scand(cFormat, cDateString) {
      // convert date string to a date object with error checking;
      var oDate = util.scand(cFormat, cDateString);
      if(oDate == null) app.alert("Error converting " + cDateString + " with format of " + cFormat +"\Please check the format of the date field", 0, 1);
      return oDate;
      } // end Scand function;

      // custom JavaScript calculation for the target field;
      // format for dates;
      var cFormat = "d-mmm-yy";
      // field name for formatted input date;
      var cDateField = "ProjClosureDate1";
      // field name for the number of years to add;
      var cAddYears = "RetentionPeriod1";
      // get the field objects;
      var oDateField = GetField(cDateField);
      var oAddYears = GetField(cAddYears);
      event.value = ""; // clear the target field;
      // convert date string to date object;
      var oDate = Scand(cFormat, oDateField.valueAsString);
      // get the full year from the date object;
      var nFullYear = oDate.getFullYear();
      // add number of years to the full year;
      nFullYear += oAddYears.value;
      // rest the date object for the new year value;
      // set the target field with the new date;
      event.value = util.printd(cFormat, oDate);



      The only problem that I am facing now is that the  "DestroyDate1" field is showing the current date prior to having any input in the form that I am making.

      please help and modify the script.