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    Interactive pdf documents


      we have an assignment for class to find 3 examples of interactive pdf documents on the web everytime i put the info in it comes up with how to do it or create it i just need 3 links to show examples in class please somebody tell me how to search for this

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          Willi Adelberger Most Valuable Participant

          You should specify what you understand with interactive PDF and should include it into the search, as interactive PDF can mean a lot of things. All interactive PDFs are supposed to be viewed on screen, are in RGB (most in sRGB color space) and should be tagged, but further, interactivity could mean:

          1. Simple full screen PDFs, clicking forces next slide. Probably with page transition set up.
          2. PDFs with buttons to turn on of specific fields or layers.
          3. PDF forms
          4. Simple PDFs which allow users to comment.
          5. PDFs which embed media of any kind
          6. PDFs which have links to the net or to other PDFs
          7. Web pages converted to PDF with Acrobat's  Web Capture