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    Passing variables and data Question : Please Help

    themd99 Level 1
      Hi all,

      I have been searching the web and the forum on the issues I need help solving and haven't been successful. I am a designer thus havinf issues with coding.:)

      Here is the deal:

      I have an application with 4 stages.

      This is what I am looking for:

      The first stage has 5 check boxes.
      The second stage has a datagrid.

      I would like to select a checkbox which in return get the appropriate data from the xml file it corresponds to and load it to the datagrid.

      I have 5 xml files for 5 checkboxes. the datagrid should load the data that corresponds to the checkbox.

      I realize this is easy for most but I could not find any tutorials or samples. I can only send data to a text file not a component.

      Please help:)