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    Which version of RH to use?

      Hi, I am in a new job where there is currently no online help. I am going to create RH help, and it needs to be printable to MS Word. My only RH experience to this point is creating Robohelp HTML projects that weren't single-sourced.

      Other info:

      1) Our printed docs are written using Word, not Frame.
      2) Our company product is a set of web-based applications that users access via secure internet connection. (They do not install our app s/w on their own pcs.)

      Given all this, can anyone suggest which version of RH to use? Can I still use the one I'm familiar with (RH HTML)? Or should I switch to WebHelp or RH for Word?

      I don't know if the fact that we're trying to single source, re-using information for both online help and printed manuals, makes a difference in RH "flavor" selection.

      Thanks very much.

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          RoboColum(n) Level 5
          Hi Lori and welcome to our community. It sounds like you are confusing the RH version with the flavour of output. Check out Rick Stone's tutorial on this very topic. In order to answer your query it is necessary to know how your users are accessing the help. As your application is web based, it may be safe to assume the help is also web based. In this case Webhelp is your likely output format. Compiled HTML (CHM) files are not designed to run on websites and Microsoft have added security patches that create further problems. You can also use the single sourcing capability to produce a Word document in the same way as you can with CHM files. Hope this helps