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    Problems with getURL Function


      Well, i seach on the web many times, but i can´t find a solution about this case.
      I just have a button on the stage and the getURL function inside of onRelease function inside of this button
      When i click on this button, it´s worl well (in another OS), but not the same in windows xp with service pack 2. They have now some kind of pop-up blocker and it´s turned on by default. So, all my getURL functions are blocked. Anyone knows how to make the getURL functions work again, on the windows xp with SP2, of course????
      thanks anyway and sorry about my english, i´m not an american, so i dont have to write correctly
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          Jan-Paul K. Level 1
          I had the same problem and didn't find a solution so I called a Javascript function via getURL('javascript:openPopUp("<some url>")') that opens the new window (or tries to) and if the window was blocked I did an JavaScript alert saying "please deactivate your pop up blocker". This way the visitor at least gets informed that there should be a pop up, but isn't because of his browser settings. Works well enough for me. But I would be glad if someone posted I way to get arround this and force the window to be opened
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            demetriusmcclain Level 1
            Could you please send this script to me, because I am having the same problem