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    Variable HEADER is undefined

    solostruggle Level 1

      Getting an error when sending a draft for review in CPS
      Files involved
      index.cfm calls <cfinclude template="#header#"> located in application.cfm
      application.cfm calls <cfparam name="Header" default="header.htm">
      header.htm contains header info

      When I click "send for review "the draft process will load however it displays the following. Of course I could resolve the issue by placing the header and application files in D:\website\htdocs\MMWIP\ but I have hundreds of headers for different subsites. Does anyone know why this is not working or how I could resolve it. Thank you for your time.

      "Variable HEADER is undefined.
      The error occurred in D:\website\htdocs\MMWIP\1d1b9120930c0cc0\dbc8a513baa56a79.cfm: line 18

      16 :
      17 : <!--- Display header file from main folder, set in application file. loop through folder path and if there is a subheader file display by replacing extra data in path and add to file name--->
      18 : <cfinclude template="#header#">
      19 : <cfoutput>
      20 : <cfset varpath=#Left(Main,Len(Main)-1)#>