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    Images inside pop-ups in CHM not displaying correctly

    anamikas367603 Level 1

      I am generating a CHM using RoboHelp 10 on a Windows XP machine.


      I have a few pop-ups in some topics. These pop-ups contain screen shots. After generating the CHM, when I click the pop-ups to view the screen shots, they are not displayed correctly. That is, half of the image does not appear and there are no horizontal scroll bars either to scroll. This happens for pop-ups that appear on the left side of a topic. The images inside pop-ups that appear to the right side of a topic appear fine when clicked.


      The help file was originally created using RH 7. I upgraded the source files to RH 10 successfully and there were no errors during the upgradation.


      I even tried generating the CHM on other systems with RH10 and the same system configuration as mine but ended up with the same results. I assume there is some compatibility issue maybe between RH 7 and RH10.


      Looking forward to any helpful insights here as this is pretty urgent at the moment for me to resolve the aforementioned issue at the earliest.