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    Burning a Blu-Ray ISO Image file to disc


      I have created a video project of around just over 3.0 gb in Adobe Premiere Elements 13 and using publish and share I have created a Blu-Ray ISO image file using the preset H.264 1920 x 1080i PAL Dolby, every thing went well with the burn to my hard drive for the ISO image file. My problems start when I try to burn the ISO image file to a Blu-ray disc using both IMGBURN and Cyberlink software, the burn to disc completes without any errrors but when I play the disc in  my Samsung Blu-ray player nothing is recognised, so tried another Blu-ray player (ASUS) and the same result no images are generated from the disc. I have used the same video project and burnt directly to a Blu-ray disc using publish and share and the final result is perfect, a really good quality video. Most of my video projects are over 3.0 gb.

      I have viewed several previous posts on this forum and it would appear there are other people with the same problem. Is it a problem with Adobe Premiere Elements 13 (Image size) or am I doing something wrong in the burn process?

      Are Adobe aware of this problem and hopefully working on a fix, it would be nice to hear from them.