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    [help] Flash cache problem?

      Operating Environment: IIS6+ASP.Net 2.0+Flash

      Framework / Procedure:
      When running, Flash will run ASP.NET program. ASP.NET then extracts data from the database and generates a XML file for Flash.
      Flash reads the XML file and parse it into a readable format for the users.

      When Flash displays the XML content and user leaves/exits the webpage, this process creates a change in the database.
      Then if this Flash function is executed again, ASP.NET generates a new XML file, but Flash still displays the old XML content.
      We discovered that when IE's "Temorary Internet Files" setting is set to AUTO, the above problem would occure, we suspect this is related to IE cache.
      Is there any way to resolve this Flash cache problem?
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          Peter Lorent Level 2
          When you call the asp.net app you need to append a unique identifier to the call so the browser won't think hey I already have that file. Example:
          content_xml.load(xmlpath_string+"?ck="+new Date().getTime());
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            This is a good idea. But what if my flash is called with an ocx and not called directly by the browser.
            The temporary Internetfiles Folder will grow and grow and grow...

            I startet my App with a c-application and now have millions of files in the temp internet cache folder.
            I have no website where I can enter the no-cache pragma... So does anybody know how to call my flash app with parameters so it won´t cache?
            It should be possible to tell the flashplayer not to cache without this html meta tags!