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    RoboHelpHTML install - Windows Installer message

      I need help with a RoboHelp 5x installation problem on Windows XP with Microsoft Word 2002.

      When I got my new system a couple of months ago I installed RoboHelp 5x and the updates, and everything was running fine. I haven’t been working on help for a couple of months, and last week when I tried to launch RoboHelp HTML I got a “Windows Installer : Preparing to install” dialog box.

      I tried uninstalling RoboHelp, but received the message “Another application has exclusive access to the file C:\WINDOWS\Internet Logs |IAMDB.RDB. I followed the instructions for “Uninstalling a Previous Version when the Add/Remove Programs doesn't work “ ( http://www.adobe.com/cfusion/knowledgebase/index.cfm?id=rb_69687) and was able to uninstall RoboHelp. But when I re-installed it, I kept getting the same Windows Installer error message.

      At this point I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled the software multiple times. I have administrative privileges to my laptop. I have scrubbed every reference to Blue Sky, eHelp, and RoboHelp from my registry, rebooted, double checked the registry and reinstalled. I have removed the updates before removing X5. I’ve cleaned out my temp folders, rebooted, and tried installing again. I’ve tried shutting down anti-virus software. I’ve tried installing to a different directory. I keep on getting the same Windows Installer message.

      I’ve read all of the installation topics I could find on the Adobe knowledge base. I’ve searched the support forums for tips. I’ve also read the installation information on Peter Grange’s Web site. I can install RoboHelp, and launch RoboHelp for Word, activate the software, and download updates, but I still can’t launch RoboHelp HTML without getting the message.

      What is RoboHelp looking for that it is not finding? And how can I install it if I don’t have a Windows CD?
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          Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional
          Welcome to the forum.

          Take a look at this thread and see if anything looks familiar.


          One post in particular refers to another install having messed things up. Given your error message, I wonder if this could be similar. Perhaps your IT guys could check that out.

          Only with the agreement of your IT guys and entirely at your own risk, you might want to consider C*** Cleaner from http://www.ccleaner.com. It cleans out unwanted registry entries among other things. I can't say that will fix it and I can't say it won't mess up something else. All I can say is it has done me no harm but that's just my experience. It was recommended in one of the main computer magazines here. As I say, at your own risk.

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            JulieID Level 1
            Thanks for the link Peter. Since I'm on a Lenovo for IBM laptop, I also tried deleting the Access Connections program. Still no luck. It's frustrating, so say the least.

            One manager is suggesting reimaging my hardrive. The other manager is suggesting replacing my laptop. ::sigh::

            Anyone else have any ideas?
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              Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional
              I'd like to think a rebuild would fix it but am not clear how reimaging would fix anything. If something is ugly, the mirror won't change that. New laptop? Go for it. :-)

              What worries me is if installing some app has corrupted your system, will the same happen again.

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                JulieID Level 1
                I finally solved my problem. And yes, it was another non-RoboHelp program that was keeping RoboHelpHTML from running. Doesn't make sense to me why RoboHelp is so sensitive to other programs having corrupted or missing files, but that seems to be the case.

                I thought I’d at least come back and record how I found the problem, and how I solved it.

                We had a writer leave a couple of weeks ago, so I borrowed their laptop today. It occurred to me while I was working on it, that if my problem was a corrupted or missing file, that I could compare the working laptop with my laptop and figure out the issue.

                As I was poking around I realized that I’d never viewed the error logs. (Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Event Viewer > Application Log).

                RoboHelpHTML was trying to run the Windows Installer because some component of my Bluetooth software was corrupted. These are the two components that it was looking for:

                --- Detection of product '{3F4EC965-28EF-45C3-B063-04B25D4E9679}', feature 'WidcommBluetoothSoftware' failed during request for component '{436D7A23-36BE-11D2-ACBB-0080C7FCBB84}'

                --- Detection of product '{3F4EC965-28EF-45C3-B063-04B25D4E9679}', feature 'WidcommBluetoothSoftware', component '{B69931DC-0C6F-4D39-BBD3-C25A7669611C}' failed. The resource 'C:\Program Files\ThinkPad\Bluetooth Software\opp\' does not exist

                I copied the Bluetooth files from the working laptop to my laptop, and viola. I can now run RoboHelpHTML again. Yay me!
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                  Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional
                  Now it's working leave it along but that is potentially something that C...Cleaner would have fixed.

                  Congratulations on the excellent detective work. I hope we will see more of you around these forums if you can figure out that sort of issue.

                  Award yourself a drink or some chocolate!

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                    JulieD, you're a lifesaver. I just had the same thing happened and found your post. For me, it was this lousy piece of HP software - "Image Zone Express" that I didn't even want (I was just trying to install some print drivers!). I had tried uninstalling it, but the uninstall messed up, so now it's obviously caused the same problem on my RoboHelp that you had.

                    I'm not sure if reinstalling the garbage program would help or not. But at least I know where to start!

                    -- Tom
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                      Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional
                      Hmm! One of my guys had a problem some time back and what we tracked that down to was some print drivers in some scanning software.

                      When he installed that again, it did not mess up RoboHelp!