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    Setting up Publishers for C4

      I am a web design company that is now integrating C4 into all existing and new websites. I "adminster" access for all clients who will access individual websites and web pages. Each website has its own IP number with the index page under the root of each website. Some websites have a cgi-bin, includes and other directories that need to be restricted even from clients - so as to preclude damage.

      So, using C4, I see Iwhere (apparently) can restrict users to individual directories for editing purposes.

      QUESTION: If the index page lives directly under the root (and the user wants to edit its content) , does that not require that the Publisher have access to everything under the root?

      I suippose I could move all web pages to another directory, except the index page. How do I manage the index page? Otherwise, I've got to go through a complicated set of permissions for each dir in order to manage at the server level. Am I doing this right?

      KEY QUESTION: How do I allow users to edit just the files and directories they need to be in - and restrict access to the sensitve directories?