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    Unable to change the duration of a still image footage item in composition, already in timeline


      Hi there,


      To absolutely no avail, I can't seem to import a still image (and use that still image as a single layer of my composition) into the timeline for a duration of longer than 15 frames? I've tried all the normal things - i.e. start a new project with the preferences set to import still images as the length of the composition (I want my composition to be 5 seconds long and have set it to that) and not a specific length. I've closed after effects, re-set these preferences, started a brand new project, change the composition settings and length, then reset the duration of still footage import and then imported the still and same problem - it's locked onto the still being only 15frames long.


      Normally I wouldn't care and would just duplicate the layer as many times as necessary then precompose it but... doing that will make my life a living hell because I want to animate the scale of this particular still image and it's easier to do on one layer than an individual scale up for 150 layers.


      What am I doing wrong here?


      I even though that once its in the timeline, I could just drag the outpoint and increase the duration of the layer that way but no, it doesn't work either.


      Please heeeelp!


      Thanks so much!