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    image.source problem when using an URL with params

    Dzihan Level 1
      Hello everbody,

      I want to dynamically load images into a dataGrid using the following item renderer:

      <mx:DataGridColumn headerText="Image" dataField="" width="100">
      <mx:Image width="100" height="75" source="{' http://myserver:8080/servlets/getImage?id='+data.@id+'&width=100&height=75&format=image/pn g'}"/>

      This source won't compile, the error message is 'The reference to entity "width" must end with the ';' delimter.

      Ok what's going on here. Seems AS3 not liking my URL params, it's not that the width url parameter is a general widget property, when i rename the params to "xywhatever" i have the same result. When i remove the "&...." from the URL the code compiles. (Unfortunately my servlet isn't working without the params..).

      Anyone has an idea what i can do here?

      Thanks in advance!