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    Why won't it let me add columns to my text box?


      Hi, I was wondering if someone can help..?!

      I have inserted a normal text box into Adobe InDesign and selected it, but when i click onto the 'number of columns' button and try to increase it to more than one column nothing seems to be happening. I have clicked on 'View' > 'Grids & Guides' > ' Unlock guides' and again nothing has happened. I've also tried pressing 'Ctrl, Alt, K' but nothing was selected so i figured it can't be that. I have also clicked onto 'Object > Text frame options' and changed the number of columns and played around with the gutter and width and clicked the 'preview' button to see if i could notice any changes but it still hasn't made any difference.

      Has anyone else had this problem? or does anyone know how to resolve it?