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    Elements 12 to 13 upgrade pricing?


      I have Elements package installed on my windows laptop for a while now and love them both?
      I bought a new iMac and wanted to install them on it, but I can't.

      Apparantly i need to upgrade to Elements 13.

      But it appears like there is no upgrade price, just the full price regardless weather you are a current customer or not.

      I don't have them very long, and it may well be my fault for not checking the most up to date version when buying it (I bought the boxed version in a store)


      Any suggestions?





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          A.T. Romano Level 7



          The key to the matter, as I see it, Adobe no longer is selling Premiere Elements 12. So, how can it give you a discount on something that it does no longer sell.

          Also consider that upgrade pricing is an Adobe pricing break that does not extend to authorized resellers.


          If you have a boxed version of Premiere Elements 12, then you have an installation disc for Windows and another installation disc for Mac.


          Typically there is but one purchased serial number that should come with that.  And, you already have it installed and activated on two of your Windows computers. Max allowed by Adobe. So, if you want to get started with Premiere Elements 12 Mac, consider deactivating Premiere Elements 12 on one of the Windows computers.


          Then decide what next. Next looks like you purchasing another license with a new serial number for a 3rd computer. There are some online places that still seem to have 12 in stock.


          Have you shopped around outside of Adobe for 12 boxed? You may be able to find it at a lower price than what you were looking for from any Adobe's upgrade pricing.


          Please review and consider.