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    Indesign ACE sertification....or ACA?


      I hope I get some opinions about the ACE/ACA sertifications and learning materials:

      As I was told in this forum earlier, the book series "Classroom in a book" are excellent learning materials, but they are basics. This was right, they didn`t bring me to the ACE level, I failed big time, though I was well prepared. The ACE level is very demanding and you will work hard to retain the knowledge. Should I rather go for the ACA sertifications?

      My education is within the art-field and all I want to achieve is to be more "allround" in my job. My plan is to also get sertified in Photoshop (which I`ve been working with for years), Premiere and Muse. The skills level that the books (Classrom in a book) gives me is perfect, I think.

      If I go for ACA, can I trust the "Classroom in a book" to cover the learning materials I need? I will also download the exam-materials from Ipass.

      I will be very thankful for answers.