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    Problems with persistant properties in export plugin.

    kimaldis Level 1

      This is driving me mad. I'm trying to ensure that two properties in my Export plugin SectionsFOrTopOfDialog remain persistent. I'm using:



      exportServiceProvider.exportPresetFields = {


        {key = 'ScriptPath', default = ''},

        {key = 'KeyWords', default = '' }




      and I have value = LrView.bind(  'KeyWords' ) and value = LrView( 'ScriptPath' ) defined in each of two edit_fields. They are persistant to a point; if I add to the preset list on the left with values in each of the edit fields, pick another preset then pick the one I've just saved, the values are there. However, if I hit export or quit the export dialog then return to it the values are no longer there.


      What's the blindingly obvious thing, if any, that I'm missing?