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    Adobe Edge - edge_includes


      Is the js file contained in the edge_includes folder of an exported composition specific to each composition?

      Do I need that new js file (contained in the edge_includes folder) for each composition or can I reuse the file as long as it's nested properly in the CDN/server?


      I'm sending files to a vendor to push out and my simple Adobe Edge composition is way over the standard 150kB limit. The js file in edge_includes is 104kB.


      Any thoughts?




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          Manigandan Adobe Employee

          Hi Dustin


          Do you mean the edge.5.0.0.min.js? If so, This is the runtime file and will not be necessary/published when you have opted for CDN option in publish settings for edge runtime. And this .js remains the same across the compositions of same edge animate version. You can definitely reduce the size by opting for the CDN option, so that this file will not be included while publishing.

          Can you pl name .js file for us to be sure of what you are talking about?

          Let us know If that helped.




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            dusting35562908 Level 1

            Yes, the js file I'm referring to is edge.5.0.1.min. Good to know the file is unnecessarily if I'm using my own CDN.


            Since I have already published the composition and it has produced the edge_includes folder, can I simply not include that folder when uploading to a CDN or is it best practice to republish?


            Thanks for the help!