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    Trouble making a PDF

    DrStrik9 Level 4

      This is driving me crazy.


      I have a simple 2-page document: letter-size, horizontal format. I need to make a pdf for a specific printer (Xerox 8550), which exists outside my own studio.


      OS X Yosemite 10.10.2 will not allow me to install the print drivers here, unless the printer is physically located on my network -- a HORRIBLE OS change from earlier OS X versions! (I can do this on my old Mac Pro running 10.8.6, no problem.)


      So I attempt to print a Postscript file, from which I plan to distill a pdf. However, the InDesign print dialog, once I select Postscript File, FAILS to allow me to choose output orientation (it is grayed out), so my landscape pdf always comes out vertical instead of horizontal.


      It seems impossible to make a simple pdf in InDesign today.


      What am I missing? Thanks for any help.

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          DrStrik9 Level 4

          Aside from not being able to make a pdf for a specific printer not located on my network, the only workaround for the tall-page-only issue is to recreate the document sideways (vertically instead of horizontally, with all page elements rotated 90° in groups.)


          This solution just seems ABSURD, but it may get me where I need to go.  :-(


          And why does this site mark my second post as "Correct?" It isn't a "correct" solution at all.  :-(

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            Willi Adelberger Most Valuable Participant

            Don't make any PDF via print.

            Export it from InDesign. Avoid Postscript with InDesign, no EPS, no PDF via printing.

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              DrStrik9 Level 4

              Thanks for that tip. I got what I needed.


              I'm just wondering why InDesign has abandoned the tried and true method of printing PostScript and distilling it in various ways via Distiller? Why would printing to PostScript from InDesign not allow the page-setup features to be available? It just makes no sense to me. Since it is unusable, it would be better if they simply eliminated printing to Postscript altogether.

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                Willi Adelberger Most Valuable Participant

                It is still supported, but errative.

                Postscript does neither support transparency nor color management. So it was replaced by PDF, AI, PDP or you can use Photoshop images as PSD.

                Without postscript you can place RGB images and spot color logos and convert them to the correct CMYK process colors upon PDF export or later with the APPE. With a postscript workflow it would be much more difficult, if in some cases not possible.

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                  DrStrik9 Level 4

                  OK, all that makes good sense. Thanks.


                  So it seems to me leaving the ability to print to Postscript is simply an accident waiting to happen.  :-(  ... for people like me, I suppose.  :+)

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                    DrStrik9 Level 4

                    And what about printing booklets to pdf?  What method is there in InDesign for accomplishing this without printing to Postscript and Distilling?

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                      Willi Adelberger Most Valuable Participant

                      The booklet function in InDesign is in my opinion a mess.

                      If you need to print, the printer has to do the imposing.

                      If you need to do something on your laser printer, use the print booklet function in Adobe Acrobat or Reader.

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                        DrStrik9 Level 4

                        Thanks!  I do sincerely appreciate your help on this!

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                          DrStrik9 Level 4

                          Woah. Unfortunately, under OS X 10.10.2, the Booklet function in Acrobat Pro 11.0.10 ignores the Size > Actual Size choice and RESIZES the printed output. I even calculated the enlargement percentage for making the printed image the proper size, but clicking Booklet ignores that too, and the booklet is printed, but is USELESS.


                          This is a disaster. I'm reporting it to Adobe.

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                            pwfasprod Level 1

                            Dov Isaacs I am having this problem too and it renders InDesign worthless for this. I do not have the option to print from Acrobat—we print offsite.

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                              Dov Isaacs Adobe Employee



                              Unfortunately, there is no good solution around this.


                              Most professionals export logical pages as PDF out of InDesign (as described earlier in this thread for numerous reasons) and then either (1) send the PDF file to a RIP/DFE/print device that has built-in booklet creation support – the best option, (2) create a booklet in Acrobat using third party plug-ins such as Quite Software's Quite Imposing product or PDF Snake – the next best option, or (3) use Acrobat's print booklet feature to directly print a booklet printer – lest best option with numerous limitations.


                              What InDesign really needs to solve your problem and that of others is a “Create Booklet” option as part of PDF export! You might want to post a request for something like this in the InDesign Features Request subforum.


                                          - Dov