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    Current version of InDesign compatible with CS6 inDesign?


      We are currently looking at purchasing licenses or subscribing to the latest version of Adobe InDesign.  My question is, we currently have several users using the older version of inDesign CS6.  If we got the new version for new users, would we be able to open files in both versions?


      Basically.....if a file is created in Adobe inDesign with the new version, will that same file then be able to be edited in the older CS6 version?  If so, could we then transfer it back to the latest version to be edited?


      The users work in different departments on campus and would not have the same version of inDesign.  We just want to make sure that if a file is created brand new in the current version of InDesign, users with the older CS6 version will be able to edit it and then trade the files back and forth.