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    Aperture library conversion - Multiple copies of photos??


      Can anyone please help.


      I have used Aperture for many years and have just made decision to move to Lightroom. When I copy the library over using the utility I get 2 or three copies of every photo in the Lightroom library??


      I have deleted all photos till I find a way of copying just one copy of each.


      Any ideas or suggestions??

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          Lightroom should only copy the master, and perhaps, the preview if you chose the option to do so.  The migration can be a complicated process, so it would help to know what the duplicates are.  Of the duplicates your masters raw files, JPEG, TIFF, etc?  What are the duplicate files?  Are they JPEG?  They should be.


          You can avoid duplicates by not copying previews.  Much better than trying to delete them after the fact.  Also, Lightroom has two views for browsing images.  One is directly tied to the file system (not like "projects" in Aperture), the other is similar to "albums" in Aperture.


          Another possibility could be Aperture library corruption.  I'd try backing up your library, then running a repair before your next attempt.


          The final, although unlikely possibility could be, you indeed have duplicates in your Aperture library.  Try searching on the file name.


          No one else I'm aware of has had the plug-in copy more than one version of the image, unless they are previews.


          Many users will want previews, as they will be the only record of how you adjusted your photos in Aperture.