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    Removing image via web app edit form

    BIRD&BEAST Level 1

      I have a form for users to be able to submit and edit web app items through the front end of the site.

      Some of the items in this form are images (BC web app field type is 'image').

      While it is easy for a user to add or change one of these images, they cannot remove an image if they no longer want it.


      How is it possible to remove an image using a web app edit form (without going to /admin)?


      Things that I have already tried:

      • Replacing the <input type="file" with <input type="text" and/or <input type="hidden" with either blank values or something like '/blank.gif' - this does not seem to update the field in the back-end.
      • Asking live-chat.  Was told it cannot be done - "We cannot remove using edit form , only update." and "only admin can remove that" (I know this seems cut and dried but I was hoping some of you clever people have a work around)