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    Adobe premier element narration.


      Hello to all...I need help with the following....I am trying to add narration to a movie clip within adobe premier element 13...I have followed all of the directions provided, that is, click Edit- preference-audio hardware  -asio setting..When I try to record, a window comes up and the message is..YOUR CURRENT AUDIO HARDWARE SELECTION DOES NOT HAVE THE INPUT CHANNELS. I  note that I have checked the head set in windows and it works fine, in fact I have no problem with he head set..it is only when I try to use it in adobe element that I get no connection at all...the procedures are very easy...? any idea why I cannot add narration to a clip? it seems it is an issue with adobe? any help would be appreciated...

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          Have you updated Premiere Elements 13 to 13.1 yet using an opened project's Help Menu/Update.

          On what computer operating system is your Premiere Elements 13 running?

          Are you using a USB headset - what brand/model?


          Are you confirming that you have gone to Premiere Elements 13.1 Editor Expert workspace

          Edit Menu/Preferences/Audio Hardware ASIO

          And, in the Audio Hardware Settings/Input, you see your headset listed there and, under Enable Device,

          you have a check mark next to the name of your headset?


          The Premiere Elements Narration Tool has a history of not working with USB Microphones. Earlier program

          Read-Me files often included that as a known problem. Although more recent program Read-Me may not

          include that information, users continue to report that their USB microphone does not work in Premiere Elements

          while others claim to have USB microphones that are working for them with the program's Narration Tool.


          Typically it is the microphones with the computer jack connections which are the fall backs.


          Please review and consider and then we will decide what next.


          Thank you.




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