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    Hanging up when I try to import anything in Lightroom 5


      Have been using succesfully for 4-5 Months.  I have removed Lightroom 5 from my Windows 8.1 64 bit system and re-installed. Still hangs when I activate Import. Have also activated the "Repair" option in Control Panel "Programs & Features". Any suggestions?


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          I don't know if this is a good answer for everyone, but it worked for me.  Mine began to hang immediately upon clicking on "Import" or file / import photos.  No particular reason that I know of.   Lightroom does that type of temperamental thing periodically.  I was not getting an error message, just the spinning cursor and "Not responding."  Previously, I would lose 2-6 hours going through these forum discussions, gradually finding some way to de-bug the program.  Today, I didn't have time for that nonsense.  After losing about an hour to the problem, I developed a work-around.  I created a folder on my desktop and labeled it "LR Import."   Leaving the folder empty for now, I went to file / auto import / auto import settings.  I told Lightroom to auto import photos contained in the "LR Import" folder. I applied the new auto-import rule.  Then, I put the photos that I wanted to edit into my new "LR Import" folder.  Lightroom promptly imported everything in the folder.  I was able to keep working.  I'll go back and de-bug the import button problem someday when it is less inconvenient.